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Hello dear Friends

Welcome in my shop Let the YOU
shine through with unique
jewellery from a tiny little island
in the Caribbean. Jewelry as
unique as the woman who wears
it. Made by hand for the heart.

Please feel free to ask me if you
have any questions.

All prices are including tax.
Shipping international cost 5 .-
but if you order more than
50 Euro it’s free!
Honestly the shipping time can
be a view days, if you are lucky.
But 4 weeks is possible, because
the Caribbean is a little slowly.
But all orders reached till now
their customers.

You can pay with PayPal
very easy and it works with
all credit cards. If there is any
problem let me know. I can help
you to order by phone.

Contact me
instagram: heikebijoux
facebook: Heike Reiter
WhatsApp 00491727139983

In instagram you can follow
me under my other brand
New items are usually in
instagram before they will be
in my shop.

You have garanty on all items
for one year and you can send
them back if you don’t like
I also do repairs and special
orders. If you have an individuel
wish let me know.

The best designs are still to
come… Have a lovely day
and take good care!!
I send you sunshine
Peace, Love and Health from
the little paradies Saint Martin